Wingrove Primary School

Wingrove Primary School

Ethos and Values

Occupying a key position in the west of Newcastle, we reflect the rich cultural and social mix present in our area of Newcastle. Our school accommodation is a large, modern building with generous, natural, outdoor space and extensive sports areas.

The immediate surroundings and wider community benefit all our children as they study the National Curriculum. Our logo is an excellent representation of our school community: a world for many varied people working together.

We are all extremely proud of our school and committed to providing the very best possible education for all of our children. Parents tell us their children feel safe, and learn within a happy, stimulating and attractive environment. Each child is encouraged to discover the joy of learning and develop a lively and enquiring mind. This strong ethos is recognised by many visitors. In December 2016, OFSTED described the school in an extremely positive way, stating, ‘Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes are stunning. There is an almost tangible sense of community and belonging. A warm welcome awaits everyone who enters Wingrove. Pupils are friendly and display a high level of care and respect towards each other, adults and visitors’.

Wingrove Primary School accommodates 472 children. Beginning in the Nursery, we offer part-time (morning or afternoon) places to 52 children. From the Reception cohort to Year 6, we offer 60 places per year. Our school is also the daily work place of some 45 teaching, learning support and facilities management staff. The team is supplemented, on a needs-led basis, by various visiting professionals and specialists. 

At Wingrove, we expect children to develop the abilities to question, to discuss rationally, to apply themselves to challenging tasks and to develop the necessary skills and knowledge for finding creative and practical solutions, reaching their full potential in all aspects of school life.

We believe that children’s academic success flourishes on strong partnerships between home and school. We, along with our fully committed governing body, work carefully with parents and carers to ensure that we are providing the best possible education for all of our children.