Achievements and Performance

24th October 2016

WEST Achievements and Performance 2015-2016

WEST has worked towards its vision to enable every learner to achieve the best they can. Performance is measured against the Business Plan and Action Plan for 2014-15 (extended to 2016). The focus of the work in the first year was to develop a relevant structure and robust operational processes, achievements are summarised below.

  • The Trust Board sat for the first time on 6th July 2015.

  • An SLA between the seven schools was established in relation to hosting the Trust Officer, appointed in May 2015.

  • The Land and Building assets were legally transferred to the Trust from the Local Authority.

  • WEST prospectus was created and shared with schools and partners.

  • A corporate identity for WEST was developed. WEST banners were created and displayed in schools entrances. WEST logo appears on each school’s website, letterhead, and on items such as identity badges.

  • WEST Website created ( linking to all seven school websites. The site outlines the work of WEST and includes a news section.

  • The Business plan for 2014-15 was extended to 2015-16; a new Business Plan for 2016 and beyond has been developed and will be operational in September 2016.

  • Trust structure (including relationship between Board and working groups), Terms of Reference and Delegation of Authority was established.

  • An Executive Committee and Working Groups were established to support the Board and help deliver the Business Plan.

  • A bank account for the company was opened and financial controls established.

  • WEST successfully applied for registration as a charity with HMRC.


Other key achievements, relating to our vision and aims are summarised below.

  • Teachers have worked collaboratively to share best practice and develop strategies to develop, improve and sustain outstanding practice in teaching and learning, for example compiling a portfolio of exemplar writing.

  • In April 2015 staff from all schools met at a launch event to give their input into the strategic direction of the Trust.

  • In January 2016, 300 staff across the Trust schools attended a Trust Training Day. 83% of those who attended said that the event would impact on their practice

  • Two pupils from each school were nominated to form the WEST Trust Pupil Council. They met and were asked about what they knew about the Trust and what they wanted the Trust to do. They had lots of ideas including Work together to make the Trust and our schools better by sharing ideas on how to change our schools or make them better’,Competitions across the school in different subject areas e.g. writing, art, sport’ and ‘One massive Trust Trip out’. Their ideas are being fed into the Business plan for 2016-17.

  • Trust governors have met and discussed their experiences as governors and the training and support provided to them. The group have suggested that informal but targeted training was needed to compliment the formal training provided through Governor Services. This work is progressing.

  • School Business Managers and key administrative staff have explored opportunities to obtain better value for money for schools by benchmarking spend on high value items and forming a buying club. They have also accessed support and training relating to bid writing.